• Platform: Magento only, Magento CE 1.4 +
  • Operation Systems: Ubuntu and Apple Mac OS as OS for development and CentOS, FreeBSD for servers or similar unix systems
  • Web servers: nginx, Apache2
  • Browsers: our projects and extensions look the same and work in Internet Explorer 7 +, Google Chrome, Firefox 2 +, Apple Safari, Opera
  • We try to use open-source for the most of our projects because of this approach high effectiveness in developing


  • We love our customers. We don’t just respect, we give them a piece of ourselves when working on their projects.
  • The customer is not always right because he is also a human being and it’s common for humans to make mistakes that’s why we are here to help.
  • We are open-faced for the dialog with our customers. Openness creates trust. Trust builds up the long-lasting collaboration.
  • We put maximum of our efforts to solve any problem our customers could face and always trying to look for the best option to propose to them.
  • Privacy Policy. We deeply understand online shops have their own financial information – and that is why we strictly follow the rules of commercial confidentiality.


Magazento is the creative team and we actively participate in the life of the project. We have already formed a unique core of the creative, active and strong team. Our every day work consists in setting goals and solving problems, every hour means for us a step forward, every minute goes for a new idea. We know how to work hard and can on practive convert our efforts into effectiveness. 

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