Ivan Proskuryakov, founder – Key Priorities - business processes and development processes organization, development of the company. He is a project manager working at the same time on the project development on Magento. Ivan has been programming for more than 5 years and problem solving at Delphi, PHP, C + +. Since 2009 he has been working exclusively with Magento project.

Ivan Is a friend of Dmitry Poddubny for more than 8 years, and they work together to create and run different kinds of startups. When possible, Ivan tries to spend his free time on relaxation. He never misses the opportunity to drink coffee with his old friends on Saturday morning.



Dmitry Poddubny, founder – He has functions as a magento programmer, project manager, SEO. Programming experience - 6 years, of which 3 years in web development. He is fond of philosophy and psychology. He takes interest in running and leads a healthy lifestyle. He became involved in programming when he was 17 years during his school studies, when he won pascal-competitions.

After entering university he was developing software and websites on a by - order basis, as well as projects. Skills: web development in PHP using Zend Framework, Symfony. development of CRM systems at Delphi and MsSql, development of components for Delphi.

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