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Bulk Categories Import \ Export

Import and export all categories from or to a Magento store in bulk mode (XML,CSV)

If you're looking for a way to import/export the categories and subcategories in a Magento store, then the Magento Bulk Categories (CSV/XML) extension is exactly what you need. This module enables you to greatly simplify the categories and subcategories transfer process, making it almost entirely automatic, but at the same time it also allows any user to import and export related category data, such as meta title, meta description, meta keywords. It can also manage the category image and category description in a breeze. Additionally, here's what else you can do through this extension:

- Import/Export the categories, subcategories and any of their related data

The Magento Bulk Categories extension allows you to import and export any category or subcategory from or to a Magento store. It greatly simplifies the implied process, reducing it to only a few intuitive tasks. The categories and subcategories can be exported to a CSV or HTML file, but they can also be imported from any of these documents. With the help of this extension users can also manage the related category data, including meta descriptions, meta keywords and meta title. All these can be exported or imported within a few clicks.

- Import/Export thumbnail images and category images

This extension also allows any Magento store admin to manage and transfer the product category images, as well as the thumbnail images in a few clicks. They can be imported from a CSV or HTML document, but they can also be exported to these same type of formats. The process is greatly simplified and involves significantly less time than with the manual procedure of transfer.

- Import/Export the store's category products

With the help of this extension admins are now able to organize the Magento store's category products with increased ease. The entire process is automatized, the waiting time is reduced when compared to the manual transfer procedure, and customers can benefit from precisely placed category product descriptions within minutes.

- Import/Export the store's categories and set the categoryIDs

This Magento extension enables anyone to import and export the store's categories within a few simple steps. This option is especially useful for those who own multiple store categories, as the process is simplified considerably thanks to the extension's intuitive functionality. Admins can also set the categoryIDs within seconds, according to their preference. This process is entirely automatized, and the extension will provide you all the blank fields that need to be filled. All in all, the operation becomes much easier and faster, leaving owners with more time to manage other important tasks relating to their Magento store.

- Benefit from support, updates and installation instructions

The Magento Bulk Categories extension comes complete with 1-year of support and updates, so admins will benefit from the most recent additions as soon as they get released. A user's manual is also delivered when purchasing the extension, thus showing you the exact steps for installing and using it. The installation procedure doesn't take more than a few minutes, but in case you need any help the customer center is always ready to answer your query.

- Magento™ CE 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x
- Magento™ EE 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x
- No Magento™ patching required, no core files modifications

- Free support guarantee 
- Free upgrades guarantee 
- Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy to use 
- User-friendly and flexible configuration 
- Easy customizable - no coding!
- 100% open-source

- Easy integration, no installation or setup is necessary on the server. All you have to do is upload your files

- Email support for our clients 
- Free upgrades at least in current version branch 
- Free high priority technical support

How it looks:

Extension demo

Sample export file: export_category.csv

Customer Reviews

Wonerful support - by Doogo

I can easily say that the support quality from Magazento far exceeds any other support.

(Posted on 5/5/13)

Solid extension that works well - by HardRockLA

I've bought this extension about a month ago and since then I don't have any problems with it. I'd especially like to highlight a pretty quick and professional help from its support team, who provides an truly effective step-by-step support for its users even if they are simply lame in some cases (as in my situation:)).

(Posted on 4/14/13)

Works well! - by Geratus

We've been using the Bulk Categories Import\Export extension for a while now, and it provides us with an effective job as great simplification of the Import\Export processes, reducing it to very few intuitive tasks. That is a good instrument for saving time and money as well. We strongly recommend the Bulk Categories Import\Export extension as a must-have product for all the Magento-store owners.

(Posted on 4/1/13)

Great extension & amazing support - by Forrom

Having faced the task of importing a vast list of products in my store I could hardly imagine that these clever guys have already thought about developers of my kind and have made this truly effective and easy extension. This pretty easy-to-use and quick product is a good investment in your time and nerves as you can rely the task of Import\Export operations on this product of Magazento.com.

(Posted on 3/3/13)

Does the job nicely thanks - by Buzzua

I faced a little update problem on/with the old Magento version. The problem was solved in a couple of hours with the help of the Magazento support team in several hours. Those guys are truly competent and responsive.

(Posted on 2/2/13)

A perfect extension - by igroksan

The use of the Bulk Categories Import \ Export extension is a good way how to solve the difficult task of Export-Import operations in your Magento store. This extension troubleshoots the majority of troubles connected with adding vast groups of goods in the store. What is more since I started using this extension I have not faced a single bug. That all works perfect. I strongly recommend it.

(Posted on 10/25/12)

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100% Open Source 

Extesion comes 100% open source which means there are no encoded files, everything is transparent and you can modify and change source of this extension to meet your needs. We do not use ioncube, zend guard or another code encoding software.

We made tests on all major installations and this extension is a fully workable. But It is highly recommended to backup your server files and database before installing this module. It is also recommended you install on a test server initially to carry out your own testing.

Before you install. Listed folders in your Magento directory should be writable:

  • app / code / community
  • app / design / adminhtml / base / default / layout
  • app / design / adminhtml / base / default / template
  • app / design / frontend / base / base / layout
  • app / design / frontend / base / base / template
  • app / etc / modules
  • app / locale / en_US
  • app / locale / en_US / template / email
  • js
  • skin / frontend / base / default

Installation Steps

To install extension follow this steps:

  • 1.) Clear the store cache under var/cache and all cookies for your store domain
  • 2.) Disable Compilation Mode (if enabled) 
  • 3.) Log out from Magento Admin panel if you are logged in 
  • 4.) Unpack the contents of the “extension” folder from the package file to your Magento root directory. If you dont use “default” folder as your theme pool directory copy files from app/design/frontend/default/default/ & skin/frontend/default/default to yours
  • 5.) Check that magento has permissions to read extensions files.
  • 6.) If Cache Control is enabled in Magento go to ‘System > Cache Management’ section, select ‘Refresh’ under ‘All Cache’ drop-down menu and press ‘Save CacheSettings’

Extension Troubleshooting

After the extension installation the store gives an error, or blank page, or suggests to start Magento installation procedure.

> Change the owner of the extracted extension files to the web server user and set 775 permissions on them. Clear the store cache and try again.

There is extension tab under configuration section, or having the extension tab clicked I get a blank page, or Access Denied error.

> Clear the store cache, browser cookies, logout and login again.

I've set up everything correctly, inserted the HTML code but there is nothing on that page.

> Clear the store cache, clear your browser cache and domain cookies and refresh the page.

My configuration changes do not appear on the store.

> Clear the store cache, clear your browser cache and domain cookies and refresh the page.

Documentation, user guide you can find in our Wiki. Visit WiKi


Lifetime Support and Money Back Guarantee

As a customer you can return the products or decline the services withing 30 days from delivery date.Therefore we offer our customers free Lifetime Support.

In the case of unsatisfactory product or service quality you are in the right of asking for money refund. You can return the product or decline the service in the case they are not corresponding to your order. To avoid the situations like these, please, consult our support team before you place your order to receive the answers to your question on products or services details.

In the case of service ordering, any refunds are made based on the time already spent on your order realization. To apply for the refunds you are expected to send a request note as it is convenient for you with the problem details explanation. Your questions are accepted 7 days a week 24 hours a day by e-mail service@magazento.com.

We welcome your queries and comments on our products and services. Expect a response within one business day.


Money Back Guarantee

30 Days, no questions asked

Lifetime Support

Extension updates and bug fixes 


Domains unlimited domains
Compatibility 1.6,, 1.6.2,,,,
Stability stable

Tons of positive reviews were posted!

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