Magento Shipping Modules


The Magento shipping methods can be easily configured by accessing Magento admin area > System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods.

Shipping Methods


Note that before enabling the shipping methods you should first configure the related delivery settings from Magento admin area > System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Settings.


First off, expand the “Origin” tab. Here you can enter the address which will be used for product shipping. This is usually the location where you store your products.


Next, expand the “Options” tab. Here you can set up multiple options. For instance, you can configure the “Shipping to Multiple Addresses”, which is very useful if you need to deliver more goods from a single order to different addresses. You can also define the highest number of permitted shipping addresses via the “Maximum Qty Allowed” field.


Below we’ll show you how to make use of the USPS delivery method.


The first thing you have to do is to access the Shipping Methods panel via Magento admin area > System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods, and then browse to the USPS section.


Once you got there, enable the Checkout method and type in the UserID and Gateway URL. The next available options allow you to set up different package coordinates (size, weight, etc).


Next, you’ll have to configure the handling fee. This fee can be fixed or calculated on a percent basis. Then, you may set up the allowed shipping methods. Additionally, you may configure a free delivery method and tell the customers if they need to purchase of a minimum sum in order to apply for it.


Finally, you may define which countries are supported for shipping and which ones will get the default error message at purchase. In the “Sort order” field you have to set the position of your newly-created shipping method when compared to the other ones available.


Magento Payment Modules


Magento allows you to set up a variety of payment methods, including different e-wallet platforms such as Paypal, ClickandBuy, and several more. Customers can also choose to pay via regular Credit/Debit cards such as Visa, Visa Debit, Maestro, Mastercard, American Express, Solo, and Switch or through other methods like checks, money orders, bank transfers, and so on.


In order to define the supported Magento payment methods simply go to Magento Admin Area > System > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods.


Below we’ll show you how you can enable payment through credit cards. This option can be easily set up via the “Saved CC” section.


Enable the credit card payment method, define its title, manage the new order status, pick up the supported credit cards from the list, decide whether to enforce credit card verification or not and decide which countries are applicable to shop from your Magento store.


In the “Sort Order” field you have to define the position of your newly-created payment method when compared to the other ones already available.


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