Magento is undoubtedly one of the most powerful e-Commerce platforms on the market, providing users with plenty of advanced options for configuring frontend-related tasks. However, even with all this functionality, Magento lacks a basic attribute by default: the ability to allow his admins to import and export different customer-related data by default. This is very important for owners of big stores, as the transfer of files one-by-one can be very time-consuming and awkward on a shop with hundreds or thousands of products. Fortunately, Magazento provides a few extensions in this regard, which can quickly solve this shortcoming for you:


Bulk Orders Import / Export. This Magento extension basically allows you to import and export the order data for all customers who completed a transaction with you, even if they weren’t registered or logged in at the time of transaction! This is very useful for those who are moving their Magento store to another host, or simply want to have a backup for future reference. In addition, our extension eliminates the duplicate-related worries, since it is able to automatically detect all duplicates and overwrite their values.



Magento Bulk Orders Import Export 


Bulk Categories Import / Export. Yet another useful Magento extension, this one enables the automatic of all categories and subcategories of your store. It is also capable of managing category images and category descriptions. You can choose to export the data to either a CSV or a HTML file, and you can also import it from any of these documents. All in all, this is a must-have plug-in for all Magento store owners who wish to dedicate more time to the important store-related tasks, instead of focusing their efforts on the import and export of categories and their related data.



 Magento Bulk Category Import Export


Bulk Reviews Import / Export. If you wish to import or export the customer review data in one go, then this extension is for you. It is able to deal with anything from review description, review title, and many more. It also allows you to import any type of reviews (i.e. customer, product, or category reviews). The data can be exported into a CSV or HTML file, and it can also imported from any of these two types of documents. All in all, this one is a time-saver for all Magento store owners who deal with reviews on a daily basis.


Magento Bulk Reviews Import Export


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