Magento is a platform that offers thousands of possibilities right from the start, but sometimes it’s hard to take advantage of all these possibilities. Unless you have the necessary technical knowledge, one easy way to add the functionality you need is through Magento extensions. In this article we’ll present you the 10 most useful of these extensions which can be obtained for free.


1. Social


Social Magento Extension


If you’ve ever thought that adding social network functionality to your Magento store is a difficult task, then you need to think again. This extension allows you to easily integrate Facebook, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn or YouTube with your store. It allows you to share feeds instantly, including any links, video and images that you post.


2. Blog   


Magento Blog Extension


Magento comes without blog functionality by default, and the only way in which you can fix this is through an extension. Fortunately enough, the blog community extension by aheadWorks makes everything simple, plus it is entirely open-source and free to download.


3. Zopim Live Chat


Magento Live chat extension 


Customers are always seeking to get everything fast, easy, and convenient, and sometimes phone support might not prove enough anymore. The Zopim Live Chat extension works for this exact purpose, enhancing your Magento site with an intuitive and innovative live chat bar. Visitors will be able to get in touch with you directly through this bar, and you increase your chances of making more sales.


4. PDF Catalog


Magento PDF Catalog


The PDF Catalog extension provided by Magazento works in a very important area for any Magento store owner:  product interaction. Thus, it enables any user which browses your product catalog to download a PDF version of it, which it can browse it later in offline mode whenever he wants. If you’re looking for best-of-breed functionality, there’s also a professional version that you may purchase.


5. Checkout Newsletter


Magento Checkout Newsletter


If you enabled the Magento newsletter functionality for your store, then chances are that your users can easily subscribe to it from your store’s main page. However, once a customer completes a purchase within your site, you have yet another chance to convince him to subscribe. This extension resumes the entire process to a very easy one-step installation, so that you can start getting more newsletter subscribers right away.